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  • Take a look into your own map of metaphor; your dream symbology.

    37.73 US dollars
  • Re-route your connections with the assistance of TryptaNice.

    3 hr

    73.37 US dollars
  • Trade your detrimental connotations for more positive ones!

    77.73 US dollars
  • Learn about the all-pervading paradox inherent to the dualistic realms

    1 hr 37 min

    44.44 US dollars
  • Learn the language of metaphor. Exclusive sessions with Samuelijah & D

    2 hr

    44.44 US dollars
  • Learn the art of revelatory ecstasis. Sacred texts provided.


    377.73 US dollars
  • Rise above the conflict. Stop preferring your own opinion. Love ALL.


    444.44 US dollars
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